Myota 8N24

New here, recently received a mosel skeleton watch with Myota 8N24 movements. When I initially took out the stock stem, and inserted the new stem, it was easy enough, very straightforward. After assembling everything and putting it into the watch case, I took the stem out again without a problem following the instructions. However when I went to insert it back into the watch after the movement is in the case, it didn’t go in smoothly. The first time it went in, there was a click but I don’t think it was in fully, so with gentle twisting and pressure it came back out (without having to press the button). Then I tried to reinsert the stem again. It went in this time and I can now set the time at 1st click. But once all the way in, when I tried to wind, it had a lot of resistance and felt like I was winding one of those wind-up toys. It made a louder than usual clicking noise as I wind. The same winding noise is present when the rotor spins counterclockwise (when looking at the rotor side). The watch is working but I am not sure if the winding mechanism is working as it should. I am scared that it was broken when I reinserted the stem. Anyone have any idea? Thanks!

I had to think on this one a bit. But I’m wondering if the movement is just fully wound? You might put it in the closet for a day and try winding it again to see if the experience is different. I feel a stiffness or resistance on my watch when the spring is fully wound.

The worst case is something is stuck in the movement itself. So I’d experiment with everything outside of that first and see if you can resolve it.

If we’re checking the movement, I’d start by carefully examining it from every direction with a magnifier, looking for any piece of lint or cat hair that’s gumming the gears. If something was on the stem when it went in, that would require some disassembly. The cost of a new movement is less than an ultrasonic cleaner, but a deep clean would be a possible solution.

IF you can’t resolve it, you might want to just replace the movement (I had to do that with mine the first time!) Then you can disassemble the movement on your own time, see if you can figure it out, and if you do, you have a movement ready for your next project. Just be careful, doing your own watch repair can be frustrating but also addictive :wink: I have a whole setup now.

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Thanks. I have tried to let it run out and it does seem less stiff to wind. However I’m still unsure if that is the main issue as when I’m winding, it is still quite audible. Even when the rotor is spinning, the clicking is quite audible. I’m not sure if that is normal. The rotor also spins one way really freely, like it’ll spin like crazy if you shake it, but won’t spin much in the other direction (this is the direction where you here the clicking).

I can’t hear it so I can’t compare to ‘normal’ but there is a ratcheting mechanism to ensure it winds but doesn’t unwind. For the NH movements I BELIEVE it is bidirectional but that isn’t universal. Google says Miyota is unidirectional.

It could be your ratchet is tight or would benefit from service. Thats not unusual or a reason to stop wearing it.

Thank you! Yes I was told by DIY Watch Club customer service that it was normal and it is unidirectional hence it spun more freely to one side compared to the other.