New to watch MOD and need advice

Good day, I have recently acquired a beautiful vintage orange Seiko dial (in a old broken case & movement)

Most people I have spoken too, has advised me that it will cost to much money to resurrect dial in a new MOD?

Apparently dial size is 28.5mm and it same as used in Seiko 5 and dive watches

I am not looking to MOD into “diver” I am looking to the likes of “dress KX” or SRPE Case (Shine Silver SS)

Your advise, expertise and knowledge will be much appreciated

Thank you very much

It won’t be a lot of money. You just need a case, movement, and a set of hands.

You need to figure out, whether it’s for a 4 or 3 o’clock crown, whether it has a date or day/date window, then you can choose the compatible case and movement.

Hi NotBHI, that is what I thought as well; because Seiko has used that size dial in many a watches.

I will definitely run some options, by you, if you don’t mind, when I have made a decision?

Thank you very much