NH72 Dive - does it require a chapter ring spacer?

Hey all,

I just finished putting together the bronze dive kit w/ the sapphire dial. I had some issues with the rotor when I put the caseback on, it looked like it would get stuck at about the 12 o’clock position and wouldn’t rotate. Everything else was fine, stem and crown were straight, everything aligned etc.

So I opened it up again and kept trying to seat the movement holder back in, but could never get it right, it always seemed a little high out the back at about the 2 o’clock position. Any more pressure kept making a plastic squeak sound from the movement holder, and I had tried probably half a doze times removing it, lining up the lug, and trying to seat it back in evenly.

On a punt I removed the chapter ring spacer and had no issue getting it to sit properly, closed up, tested. Everything aligns, stem is straight, all is good.

So my question is does this model require the spacer or no? In the instructions it shows the NH72 with a spacee as compared to the Miyota, however watching the video with a case and movement that looks the same as what I’m working with, there’s no space when the instructor assembles the movement and case.

If it does require it I’m happy to open it up and put it back in, but does anyone have any suggestions about why it might not be sitting correctly and how to fix it?