Pilot watch stem

Just completed building my Pilot watch (Sellita movement) but there is about 1mm gap between the case and crown. Do I cut the stem shorter or any suggestions please? Was denied to post the picture.

Verify absolutely everything is installed correctly. Then remove the crown and ensure the stem is seated as far into the crown as it will go. I’ve never removed a stem from a crown (only the other way around!) but it’s quite feasible the stem could just go in another 1mm and you skip the work of cutting.

Cutting the stem should be a distant third option, because cutting is irreversible and it’s a PITA to buy a new stem. They’re not expensive or hard to work with, just means less time on your wrist!


The stem/crown was pre-cut by DWC so I don’t want to mess with it, besides I don’t have the pin vise for that. Communicated through their Customer (Charlotte) and they’ll be sending a replacement part.

Thanks you for replying.