Problems with the shipments

I placed an order (ORDER #DWC31258) on February 28, I payed for the express shipment and the product hasn’t been delivered to FedEx!
On April 4th the label was created (yes, it took a week just to create the label), but they hadn’t received the package.
There was a reason I payed for the express shipment and now there is no way I’m going to received in time…
Please I need help so the package can be sent as soon as possible.


@Jorgewatchmaker We sent out an email to you about your order because the components you ordered are incompatible. We just want to make sure you have the right order in place. But we have not received your response since then. Could you check your mail and your junk box and give us a response?

Hello Jeff! Thanks for your message.
I didn’t received any email from DIY.
Just want you to know that you should trust in what people order. I have more than 40 watches and the pins I ordered are for one of them. Please help me to release my package as soon as possible.
All this time that the order was held is going to cost me extra money…

Hi Jorge, thank you for your reply. I’ll take that as a confirmation of your order. I have instructed my team to proceed with your order asap

We do encounter quite some customers who made a mistake in their orders over the years. While it bodes well for us (hey extra order is extra money), it sucks for the customer to shell out more to pay for another expensive shipment just for a correct spring bar. I hope you understand the rationale behind the policy.