Rotor won’t spin after tightening the case back

Hi, I have the Diver. Currently waiting on a the response to receiving a new longer stem since I ran into the problem I’ve seen often on the forum. But I’ve also noticed that if I tighten down the back, the rotor will stop spinning with movement of the case. In fact it won’t move at all unless I loosen the back to the point where I don’t believe it would be waterproof. I’ve tried reinstalling everything and repositioning, etc but no luck. Any advice?

Im guessing the movement is seated fully and the rotor is tightened all the way?

I’m pretty sure the movement is seated correctly, but I haven’t checked to see if the rotor is correctly/completely screwed down. Haven’t touched it since I received it, but I’ll check that out!

Rotor is indeed connected correctly, doesn’t appear to be warped or bent. Once the case back is screwed down to a certain point (not even close to tight) the rotor starts to spin with the case/glass as it’s being tightened.

Hey mate, I’ve posted about this exact same issue.

Do you have a spacer on your chapter ring?

I found that but removing mine the movement holder was able to sit a little further into the case and then had no more problems.

Not sure if this is a solid solution or not though.

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Yeah, I thought about that and tried it - made no difference. Wondering if somehow the rotor is warped…

I am Habib the same problem as well… #help
Any solutions?


Uppdate. The movement-caseholder Must be firmly pressed ALL around!
You’d think that it is, but APPLY Moore PREASSURE THAN YOU WOULD EVER IMAGINE!

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I bought a new GMT movement and put it in the same case with no issues. Weird. Then I bought a new case on eBay for 40 bucks and the old movement fit perfectly! So problem solved…

Hello, which movement is it? I have videos on my youtube channel covering the NH35 / NH34 and Mosel models. Often with the Seiko movements they have a white nylon movement ring and that has to go into the case precisely. There is a small notch on the ring often opposite to the crown. There will be an indent in the case for that notch to sit into. Its not always obvious to a beginner and you can think the movement is sitting in the case fine when its not. This would then make the rotor stick up too much and foul on the case. check this and see. You might also be able to see dial side if its sitting totally flat.

Yep, tried all that and nothing worked. I ended up replacing that movement in the diver case with a new GMT movement and it worked fine! I took the old NH34 movement and put it in a cheap Submariner imitation case I bought on ebay and it worked fine in there! Strange, but it all worked out. Thanks for the help!