Rules and Etiquette

Forum Rules

We keep our rules simple and few, so that you can enjoy our forum as soon as possible:

  1. Be nice to each other. Keyword is: family friendly. So we do not allow posts or replies with or relating to:

    1.1 Racial or ethnic slurs
    1.2 Foul and abusive language
    1.3 Politics or Religion
    1.4 Weapons
    1.5 Replica or fake watches
    1.6 Personal attacks on others
    1.7 Adult Humor or off color jokes

  2. Moderators are here to help maintain a good discussion environment. They shall have the final say in moderating the forum. Please respect their decision and reasoning.

  3. Use the search function! Your question might have been answered by other community members in another post. A quick search will often answer your questions. Any post with preexisting similar posts could be removed or merged.

  4. No unauthorized ads, self-promotion, sales, scams, affiliated links, or any commercial activities.

  5. Ensure your post quality. Post / reply with little or no input (e.g."+1", “I agree”), broken link or broken image, etc. is considered low quality, adds little to the community, and is to be avoided.