Second Hand moves with Minute Hand

As per the title. Seiko NH35 movement, hour and minute hand installed with minimal issue. Second hand seemed to position fine. Doesn’t move when watch powered up. Switched to time set mode and second and minute hands move together

Your second hand is touching the minute hand most likely. I’d recommend the following:

  • look closely if the contact is visible. Also look of the second hand is dead center on the pinion, or off to the side.
  • best case, the second hand is crooked. Use the hand setting tool, balance it on the center of the second hand, and gently lean the tool in the opposite way while applying pressure. The second hand has some wiggle on the pinion, so using the tool and can nudge it correctly. If you’re feeling cheeky, you can also just bend the hand with pliers, as long as you’re not worried about hitting the crystal.
  • second best case, the minute hand is crooked. Try removing both hands and reset. Make sure each hand is as level as you can get it!!
  • worst case, the second hand was not set on the pinion, it was set NEXT to the pinion. If you’re lucky, removing and resetting the second hand will fix it. If the pinion is bent, you should replace the movement. (You can totally try bending it back into shape; the piece needs to get replaced anyway. But most likely you’ll just want to buy a new movement.)

Anyway, good luck!! I had to buy a new movement for a totally unrelated reason. Just part of learning!