Second Hand Wont Fit - GMT

I got the “Coke” Diver Dress GMT Watch Kit Ceramic Red-Black GMT Bezel DWC-D04. I have had no problems up until time to set the seconds hand and I just cant get it to go on the post. I took it to a watch repair place and they said that the tube is too small and wont fit at all. They tried both hands and said if they pushed harder they were afraid it would bend or break the post.

Has anybody else had this problem. I don’t want to have a watch without a second hand!


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Well - I took it to a ‘real’ watchmaker and he was able to fit it on with no problem. I didn’t get to see what he did though, that would have been nice.

-Andrew Galewsky

did you ever go in and ask what he did to make it fit? I am having the same trouble with my GMT

All the pieces are subject to imperfections which might prevent successful assembly. But also, the second hand is really really small and easily bent. I would take the time to give a careful review that there’s nothing blocking the hole and, more importantly verify the post is properly straight.

If you’ve been struggling for a while and the post looks the tiniest bit crooked, there’s a chance you bent it and just need to own buying that replacement part. Barring that… I’d email customer service. Be patient, I imagine they’re going a little crazy this time of year!