Second Hand

Hi all. I’m 4 hours in on trying to set my second hand. Any tips or tricks? Ive tried different ways of holding, tweezers, rodico, etc.

I find it helpful to observe how the second hand goes “up a step” when it passes the second hand post. That’s how I identify the position of the post.

Which model is it you are trying to fit? the GMT second hand is not the easiest. The key is to get plenty of light onto the pinion so you can see it using the loupe. On most watches ( I have serviced 100s as a hobbyist) if you can get the hand tube on the top of the pinion it will balance there or with a gentle tap with tweezers until you then use the hand tool.
Its the hardest part of a watch build for any beginner unfortunately.
another idea would be to put the rodico on the dial near the hand pinion so you can use it was a rest to balance the hand while you try to position it. I have videos on my YouTube channel on the NH34 GMT, the NH35 and the Mosel model which is a Miyota movement. My Retro Watches - YouTube

I’m pausing just before that step on my first install… what’s happening when you try?