Stainless steel bracelet with closed end link for diver series case

I know the lug width on the diver case is 22mm, but has anyone tried or know of a compatible stainless steel bracelet with a closed end link to match the curve of the case diameter? I’d like to get a stainless steel bracelet for this but have it look integrated and not aftermarket with a straight end link.
I’m trying to achieve a watch look as if you bought it with a steel bracelet.

It would be nice if DIYWC would offer that as a strap option in the future. TIA.


I just ordered the batman kit, my idea is to start with some straps off wish and careful dremel work for practice if i need to reshape any end pieces

For anyone interested I took some measurements and did a little research. Maybe others already figured this out and I’m late to the game.
Lug width is 22mm matching data published by DIYWC
Case diameter is 41mm matching data published by DIYWC
Spring bar to spring bar centerline distance is 43mm

This most closely matches the dimensions on Seiko SKX007 Diver 200m automatic watches.

So I would guess any bracelet that fits that watch would fit the DWC Divers series 41mm 316L stainless steel cases. The only caveat to this is the lug horn profiles may be different. This would affect how the end link will appear between the lugs. It will either be recessed, flush, or proud of the lug horns and may not match the curvature.

Good luck shopping for bracelets.

Had the same question. I want to buy, replace strap with stainless steel one. Has anyone managed it and has a link or tips on where to get a stainless steel strap arhat works nicely?

So I learned this in my quest: the diver DWC-DO2 case is not exactly the same as a Seiko SKX007. At the top and bottom of the case between the horns there is a beveled cut out that I guess helps center the end link. These are different between the two cases. So I couldn’t get a bracelet made for the SKX007 to fit exactly. I had to dremel grind some steel off the bracelet and use thinner 1.5mm spring bars. I got it to fit, but the horn profile does not match. It still looks good to me, but it may not be as ideal as something specific for the DWC case.

I got your points here. Many thanks!