Steel strap compatibility?

Hello everyone. I am really new to the watchmaking/moding community, and i’m about to buy a watch.
I think i’m gonna buy a skeleton watch, but the only one that comes with a steel bracelet is not to my taste.
I was wondering if any case will be compatible with a steel bracelet if I buy one from DWC. (It is probably a dumb question already answered in the descriptions, but I didn’t understand the meaning of the compatibility section)
Thanks in advance.

Their skeleton watch section is a little bit confusing because the lump together watches from different series. Look out for the words like Mosel, Dive, or Expedition. Those tell you what series the watch is from. From that you can check the compatibility.

For steel bracelet, be aware that there is a version with endlink and one without, and the compatibility is different.

Ok so if another watch from the same series has a steel bracelet, I just have to check wether it is closed end link or not ? Is that it ?

Just check this page to see the compatibility: DIY Watch Club - Straps – DIYWATCH Club

In the name of the steel bracelet, it specify which series goes with it

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