Stem removal

I got the beginner expedition kit. When I removed the packaging stem could not really tell exactly what to press to remove it. You need a blow up of whatever you are supposed to press. Finally got it out- not sure exactly what I pressed. Got everything together made it thru placing hands and then could not get actual stem out when putting in watch case. Things fell apart then because second hand fell off others bent because I had such a hard time with stem. Stem finally broke. I am thinking of trying again but would need some confidence about what the heck you actually push down on th release stem. Thx

First off, use the loupe and take your time. Relax and you’ve all the time in the world to make it work.

Pause the video if you need to. There’s a close up of the stem release thing. It’s like a thin plate with a dimple at the end of it. The stem needs to be in the innermost position for it to be visible.

And do not force it by any means. If you press the right thing, the removal should be effortless. If you broke your stem, you definitely were using a heck lot more force than you needed to.

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Here is the video I’m referring to:

Thanks will try again.

One last question. I know I can buy a new movement separately will it come with a new stem? Thx

No. You can buy it separately here:

To echo previous comments, the joy in this is taking the time. I didn’t like the loupe so I bought a desktop magnifier on an arm.

When I push the crown fully in I can see the tiny piece of metal with the dimple. It still took a ton of tries to hit it!! My wife got it on the first try so it’s possible. I recommend keeping the movement inside the case when you do this so you can protect the hands. Now that you have a spare movement, go ahead and practice on that.

(I also use the tweezers from the kit. You need something pointy. A nail might work better. I regularly need to bend the tweezers back into shape and it’s probably because I’m using the wrong tool for the job, but it works!!)