the movement holder and the chapter ring does not match

I have a seiko nh35 diver. The movement holder is grey and different that the one shown in the video(the black one in the video is wider than the grey one). When i try to attach the chapter ring there are no holes on the grey movement holder, so this is not possible. Also the grey movement holder does not have the little plastics tab that slides in to the case notches that holds the movement holder in place and does not permit rotation of the movement. I think the movement holder is not the one needed for this watch. If i am right where do i find the correct one?
I could not upload a photo.

Hi , my mistake. The movement is seiko nh72A no nh35.

Sounds like you’re missing the movement holder in the package. You can contact them via email and they’ll help you with it

thank you for your response. I will do that.