Tool Quality

I am gradually falling down the rabbit hole :slight_smile: I’m picking up a handful of cheap oils, an oiler, and .8mm and .5mm screwdrivers, to breakdown some old trash watches (having already broken my DIY watch, #oops.)

Looking at the longer term, the DIY toolkit feels very solid and I don’t imagine having to replace most of it, EXCEPT:

  • Are the tweezers made out of steel? I’m reading silicon or aluminum are ideal. Is this something I should plan to upgrade at a later date?
  • How long is the Rodico good for? What tells you it needs to be replaced?

What else should I plan to swap out at a later date? (I don’t have a budget for a cleaner, and my iPhone provides the timegrapher for now, but I know those are both next steps, plus a GMT hand-setter when I get to that build.)

The tweezers seem to be made of steel and that is a good place to start with. Tweezers are whole another rabbit hole. A professional watchmaker usually has one pair of tweezers for one specific purpose, and that amounts to many many tweezers. Different shapes, different materials etc. I personally hate silicon or plastic tips. Just hate how soft they are. Once it has any damage to the tip it’s over. If you want something softer than steel, go brass.

On Rodico, too dirty or oily you’ll need to replace it. You’ll see when it no longer cleans. Professional use of Rodico is almost one use only if you’re working with high stake projects.

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