watch won't work

I just finished building my first watch with DWC and I found that its hands don’t move as time passes. I can hear the ticking through the case and I can adjust everything with the crown. it’s just that the hands don’t move with time. I have taken the watch apart and redone it with the instructions twice and I just can’t figure it out.

the watch I am building is a diver with a seiko.

Do the hands turn and keep time when the movement is not in the case? If so, the problem sounds like it is in the caseing of the watch.

If not, my guess would be in the setting of the hands on the pinion.

You should be able to see the balance wheel moving when the watch is running. That’s the ticking sound. Fortunately, all our watches have that exhibition back, so you can just look.

If nothing is moving, figure out where you’re hearing that ticket… it’s probably not your watch. It’s very easy to stop the movement; the case back being screwed on too tight, hands brushing each other, hands brushing the dial or sapphire, a cat hair tucked between gears, etc.

If the balance is moving, you’re hearing the ticking, the date changes over, etc., it’s much easier to troubleshoot. Almost certainly, your hands are not pressed snug onto the pinions. Pull off the second and minute hand, reset the hour hand with a little more pressure, and see if it’s now tracking. The hour hand stays attached and engaged strictly through friction, so it needs to be pressed on enough or it’ll just be hanging lose and won’t rotate (or, more visibly, will spin loose).