Where does the DWC made?

I care about the durability of the product and its impact on the environment :smiley:

The company is based in Hong Kong. I assume most of the parts are manufactured in that region? The Seiko movement is TMI, manufactured in Hong Kong. (There’s no quality difference; TMI is just the unbranded Seiko group.) I’m not sure where the Miyota movements are made. The Mosel movements I looked up once and I believe it’s China (not sure if the mainland or otherwise). I ordered mine via surface shipment, which is very environmentally friendly, although I started getting super antsy waiting more than a week for delivery!

While TMI is a Hong Kong company, I’ve heard different things about where those NH movements are made. Most I’ve heard is Malaysia or Japan. I doubt Hong Kong has the manufacturing capacity to produce mechanical movements at all. I think Miyota (and Mosel series for that purpose) is mostly made in Japan.