Which Tool Kit?

Hi, I’m seriously considering my first watch kit, and I wondered which is the better tool kit to buy?!

More specifically, does the Basic Kit in the PU bag still contain everything you need (just not in a presentation box) or does the more expensive kit contain more things - perhaps including some that are necessary to complete the build? I find it difficult to justify the additional $114 for the upgraded kit!

Adding to my confusion, there also seems to be a ‘Card Board Watchmaking Tools Box’ in the watchmaking tools area, and this also seems to contain almost everything you need but is less expensive than the Basic Kit in the PU bag?

I do have some other tools so I’m not that interested in the presentation box, but it would seem a bit odd to me if any of the kits don’t contain everything you need.

Any help and advice are appreciated!

I bought the Diver kit with the premium kit. As far as I know, both the basic kit and the upgraded kit have all you need to assemble the watch.

The premium kit comes with their custom made version of the tools and they have better precision, grips better, and generally are very high quality tools. They made my life so much easier during installation as I don’t have to worry about tools slipping and they feel comfortable to hold.

I also enjoy the upgraded packaging since I plan to use it to store these tools long term. And it seems to hold up pretty well.

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The card board watchmaking tools box only includes the tools but not the watch components (movement, dial, hands etc.)

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I picked up the middle option (“DWC toolkit w/ Brown PU Bag”).

It had everything listed in the basic toolkit list here: DIY Watch Club - Card Board Watchmaking Tools Box – DIYWATCH Club EXCEPT I don’t think there was a knife, mat, and phone holder. I think most of us can manage those on our own, so no big deal.

I picked up one of the Expedition watch kits. I did pick up a few additional tools;

  1. Rubber gloves. I’m a klutz, I get my palms on everything, so gloves were nicer for me.
  2. A platform to put the movement on (I used a small curio box). You want to look at the movement from the side, so for most desks that would require sitting on the floor.
  3. Great lighting! Ideally, a desk lamp.

I’m happy with their quality. I do mostly electronics work, so maybe not comparable. But the tools felt nice and definitely sufficient for the job, and (aside from the wooden stick) all tools I did not already have and could not easily replicate.

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