Will there be a pilot watch with GMT movement? Thanks

For example, like this one:

I don’t expect them to tell us which models are coming up. From other companies I’ve seen, those road plans are held tight. However… there’s nothing stopping you from building one yourself, with the pilot case, band, GMT dial, hands, and NH34. Note that the NH34 has a wider set of posts so I’m not sure it would fit in a non-GMT dial. (Or buy a GMT kit on sale and grab a pilot case to put it in.)

Thank you for your reply. If they can develop an app and allow the customer to design the dial, it would be ideal.

They do offer customized dial: DIY WATCH CLUB - Customised Components (Custom Dial & Rotor) – DIYWATCH Club

I didn’t realize they do custom dials! I really like their sandwich dials, it’s a cool effect.

However, none of these are compatible with the NH34 out of the box. So you’d have two choices; drill the hole a tiny bit wider, or pick up a dial elsewhere.

If you order elsewhere: The sandwich dials do look to be thicker than other dials, so there’s potentially going to be a gap with the chapter ring? But gaps are easy to deal with. (For reference, right now I’m wearing a Lucius Atelier dial, an SKX007 chapter ring, all in the DWC pilot watch case. There’s the slightest line of a gap, but I really like the effect.) There’s a few companies that do you what you’re looking for, such as: Nh 34 – dialstudioonline

If you decide to drill the hole, I recommend doing the first run on a throwaway dial, and cover it up with painters tape before drilling. The DWC dials are painted, and I’ve chipped the paint. But worst case, you just touch it up with a little paint after. Very easy fix.

Anyway, plenty of choices, all good.

Correction: Google says use a diamond file, not a drill. (You might also have the good luck of the movement pinions just fitting through without widening, so try that first.)